Another typhoon hitting Japan

One of the reasons I stopped podcasting on this domain is because Google Podcast will not work properly under the setting I have and I’ve tried fixing so many times and have given up.

It’s WordPress problem of not being able to send the proper RSS.

Johnathan’s restaurant beneith the railroad tracks in Okachimachi

For the past few days, it’s been raining all over Japan due to Typhoon hitting again.
The good part is that the brutal weather is over but the bad part is that it’s creating havoc in everything, and not to forget the ugly part… Insects take shelter as well…

Found a roach crawling on my bed!!!

Photo by Erik Karits on

It was so weak and I just grabbed a couple of tissues and caught it with my hands and crushed it.
C’est la vie, adieu cockroach.

Even with the bad RSS, I’m posting an issue on podcast.