Brutal Summer is here

Japan has been suffering brutal heat wave and the country has called an action to reduce usage of electricity.

Sooner or later, they will start making it a law, punishable for not saving electricity.

Makuhari Messe in Chiba

For the past week, everyday has been a record breaking day of high temperature.
It has asked 37 million people to switch off lights.

Getty Images from BBC

Now, the ony way to solve this is to restart the nuclear power plant but this is too political.
Japan has the world’s biggest allergy on nuclear.
Another reason is that all electric companies are always falsifying their testimomies regarding their testings and regulations. No Japanese trust these companies.

Today was a bit mild but still hot enough (compared to over 35 degree Celcius).

Have our senses gone mad? It’s just under 35 and we’re saying it’s not that bad compared to yesterday…