Just as when you want to be alone

Last week, my wife broke her leg.
I don’t know how but she did.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

It wasn’t hurting her much so she just thought it was sprained ankle but I told her to get it checked and it was broken…

Nowadays, compared to when I was 18 when I broke my leg playing soccer, fibula (calf bone), surgery was not that necessary (just cast and mold) but now, you’re better off having a surgery and placing a metal plate and removing about a year later.

I went to the doctor today to speak with the doctor and receive his opinion and things to worry and take care. I was satisfied. The only issue I had was that the day of hospitalization and the surgery was 1 day ahead of what I was told.

I just reschedule everything and now I have to do that again.

Now, I’m stuck at home and I will have to commute to Tokyo when needed.
The good part of this is that I will drive most of the time, meaning that I will stay sober.