Need to get away from the cloud system

Whether you like it or not, GAFAM or now, GAMAM is the mainstream.
But there are other simple to use cloud data storage such as Dropbox, Evernote, Mediuim, Notion, and many more.

The problem of these are that data cannot be interchangeable.
I’ve had problems exporting my Evernote data to OneNote and vice versa for many years.

Today, I just realized that even though I rewnewed my Evernote, the app told me that I need to renew (up grade).

Well, I verified my account and the renewal was supposed to be on Feb. 6th but when I upgraded, Evernote deducted several days off my renewal.

Now, that’s a fraud.

I contacted the support but there was nothing he could do.

So, I decided to cancel my new “Personal” plan and get my “Premium” setting back.

He was able to do that.

He just canceled my account and refunded me (but I’m back to square one with “Free” account.)

Now that’s another fraud.

What pissed me off was that there was a very big price hike from 4000 yen/year to 5800 yen/year.
Let’s say, a ball park figure of $40 to $58, which is 145% price hike.

So, I decided to wait until after the 6th, but this makes my work miserable for not being able to access from many of my machines (only2 machines per free plan).

Meanwhile chatting with Evernote, I decided to see if I can transfer my notes to OneNote, which is another disaster system that sucks in many ways.

The app crashed while I was synching with my OneNote and I couldn’t do anything about it.
I had to redo everything but since there were stored data from the first session, the app would not work properly. Damn Microsoft.

While I’m trying to recover, I get a notice from Evernote when I log in from web page telling me that I can have a 25% discount if I upgrade.

Third fraud, a double standard pricing.

I have one year of time to stop using Evernote from today.