February is usually cold

Today is the first day of February.
Usually, it snows quite a bit.
But 10 day forecast tells me that it’s cold but the weather is good.

Sugamo, where old-timers hang out

The other day, I walked around Sumago, where old-timers hang out, just like the youngsters’ Harajuku.
It wasn’t that crowded but there were many small stores that’s very interesting.
This shop sells “red pants” (underwares).
Red is a symbol of 60 years and above (I can explain a lot on this “ETO”, the Chinese/Japanese Zodiac) where the end of life starts and celebrate the 1st cycle of zodiac characters (60 of them).

I have an undertaker friend just at the corner of the entrance of the shopping street.
I also have another friend that is working on a different art project using blockchains on the other side of the train station.

Sooner or later, the weather will turn cold.
I still do not have studless (winter) tires on my car.
It’s only one month to go.
By March, it doesn’t snow anymore to places where I go.

Charanavi will explain the zodiac system