Year is over and counting down.

I had to renew this account at beginning of this month.
I should have written something about it but I didn’t.
Why? I don’t know. Never thought of it.

Okachimachi’s Ame Yoko

Come to think of it, I returned home for the Christmas day just to see my son.
It was strange that I did not get into any argument with my wife.
We had a guest over for a drink and we talked for about 5 hours!
We’ve known this person since my son entered 1st grade in the elementary school, that’s close to 15 years.

On the next day, I returned to Tokyo.
I wanted to get some errands done.

I’ve been getting rid of things I haven’t been using for many years.
We call it “断捨離” (Dan Shari).
I went to the city dumpster to throw away many items.
I also went out to “Hard Off” store that purchase goods and resells.
I sold 2 guitars and many other not used equipments such as keyboard monitor selectors (KVM) and cables. I figured that it was better than trashing it.
I also sold my Kyocera laser printer and got only 1000 yen ($9) for it.

Photo by Deybson Mallony on

Problems of laser printers are that the overall running cost is very expensive.
You need to purchase expensive toners, used toner recovering bottle, transfer roller, fixer roller, fixer oil, intermediate transfer belt (if color printer). The life expectancy of laser printer is about 5 years but more you use, higher the running cost since these parts are expendables. For each color of toner, you can purchase a cheap inkjet printer. You can’t forget about the electricity consumption too! It takes about 1000 watts which is about 10 times more than the inkjet printer.

Speaking of throwing out equipments, I have many internet routers.
These routers are VPN routers and it’s not for amatuer use.
These are industrial level equipment which I used to operate a mesh VPN.
I just gave one big one AR560s to my friend and since I have 4 more AR260v2 (they are Allied-Telesys routers) and I’ve got 3 ready to be shipped. I’m bringing it over to my friend next year or so.

There are more routers (consumer level products) which I’m trashing or giving away as well.
Apple AirMac (Airport) Extreme (I have many!), including the UFO looking one.

I’m also getting rid of my keyboard synthesizer.

E-Mu KB Synthesizer

I haven’t been using this for over 10 years and used to be connected to my Mac.
My son used to make sounds for his video project in the past.

Why am I getting rid of these equipments?

I want to make more room in my life.