Another day and another life

Recently, I have been contacted from an Israeli start up.
It deals with DNA and memory inplanting in a living tree.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on

DNA is bunch of information.
So as other computer data.
It’s stored somewhere in the computer, in the cloud.
But these are physically stored on some memory chips.
DNA can be stored on the memory chip as well.
It might take a lot of memories but, it can be done.

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I was listening to a podcast today of three scientist that spoke frankly.
It was just a conversation between those three.
They did not care to explain difficult science terms.
It’s up to you to find out.

The idea of memory being stored somewhere physically matched with the Israeli start up company.
Inplanting some part of memory into a tree and let it grow is a good idea.
Tree must be kept alive but you don’t need to keep feeding electricity or keep maintaining.
Every cell in the tree has your information (whatever you store) and can be retrieved.

Isn’t that facinating?

There’s no farewell or adieu.
Your memory lives forever.