End of WWII in Japan

Today was the day that Japan surrendered.
It was the end of the war.
It was 76 years ago.

Many have died and many have lost everything.

War is something that mankind will never end to end.
It will always be there, whethere with humans or other living matters or even with non-living matters such as viruses.

Photo by Veronika Valdova on Pexels.com

War on drugs, war against drunk driving, war against viruses and there are many more.

I’m living alone in Tokyo.
I don’t go back home that often.
I know I should to see my wife and my son.
But when I go back, a family warfare starts.
It’s not my wife’s fault; it’s my problem.


This is one of the books that I teach on Individual Psychology.
It teaches to to stop making expectations for others.
They will NOT do what you want them to.
It’s not giving up hope on the others but it’s about letting yourself go.

It’s more like Social Intelligence Quotia (SQ).

Communication skills is what’s needed to avoid aggrevations and intolerance.

I am not immortal.
I will die sometime.
I will die when my time comes.
I will die when people expect it least.

But my achievements will be left behind as legacy.
This will live on.

I don’t pray to God since I don’t believe in the existance nowadays.
People can do without God, even there’s heaven or hell.
But all of these are ideas humans made.
Has anyone come back from these two places to tell you about?

NO. So why trust or believe in it.

But humans need to do good deeds to live a happy life.
This makes us different from other living creatures that live on instincts.

Antonymn of Peace is NOT War.
Antonymn of Peace is Turmoil.

But antonym of War is Peace.
There is a slight difference in the nuance.

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on Pexels.com

Let’s give it a hand to those needed.