20210410 AI and End of Life

It’s been a while.
I lost motivation on updating everyday since there were so many issues in my life.

From Wednesday to Friday, I was at Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition hall helping out on the sales of an AI development company called “Crystal-Method” in Ichigaya (Kudan-Kita), Tokyo.

I was marketing a new end of life system that you create your clone using artificial intelligence, so called AI.

What is AI? What is not AI?

What I was marketing was a new “graveyard” using AI and network.
A place where you can meet old friends in the past, but some what real using the cloning system created by computer’s artificial intelligence.

AI have many usuage such as creating fake images or news or even augument images such as coloring black and white pictures. This is how old movies are colored using digital remastering managed by AI nowadays.

To make the long story short, I was trying to sell AI system that’ll augument images and create your voice, feel emotions, and even extract sound out of noise.