20210325 End of Fiscal Year

My company’s fiscal year starts from April and ends in March like many of Japanese companies.
Why did I do that?
The simple answer is that the Ministry of Finance Tax Office Division is full of work and can’t keep up.
But, with my company, it’s so damn small and amount of expenditures vs income, it’s not worthwhile going after me.
There are many big fish out there in the ocean and why waste time catching minnow that’s spilling its gut out?

When it comes to the end of fiscal year, I have to look at the balance sheet and see profits/debts just like all other company execs.

April starts a clean slate.

At the moment, I am working on AI and nuclear physics.

On AI, what I am trying to do is to replicate a person using deep learning and cloning oneself.
This will allow people to be remembered and respond even after death.

May be someday, you will see your parents on a computer connecting to heaven.
It’s called “After Life”.

Don’t forget, cat’s have 9 lives!

During March, I was extremely active visiting trade shows. Actually, starting mid January, although there have been many COVID-19 scares. But you’ll catch it no matter what when your luck is down.

I’ve been marketing this AI+nuclear technology and trying to get things going.
But I guess, it’s too special of a market and in Japan, people just don’t understand quantum technology, AI, nuclear and other atomic elements (it doesn’t have to be nuclear).

Tokyo Big Sight

These trade shows are held just about every week at either Tokyo Big Sight, Makuhari Messe, or Pacifico Yokohama.
It is said to be approximately 2,551,100,000,000 yen ($23.4 Billion USD) market in 2019 according to Japan Association for the Promotion of Creative Events (JACE). This number declined 13% compared to previous year due to COVID-19 scare. And they expect the number in 2020 (still calculating) to decline 48.2% compared to 2019.

These numbers include concerts and even graduation and other local events.

Sorry to say that there have been increase in suicide rate of poor economy.
FCCJ’s Deep Dive Task Force team is preparing a talk session of specialists in late May regarding mental health.

In March, we had 2 regarding CDBC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and I attended and asked questions to the panelists on both cases.

It’ve been working on this Deep Dive events from the very beginning trying to get people to come to the Club and use the facility. We work very hard trying to promote business at FCCJ.

I’ll also be importing security cams and LCD tablets from Shenzhen China soon and will be promoting them on the web.

For the meanwhile, have a happy rest of the month…