20210302 Still living

I’ve been having a very busy week.
I’m still on the run.
I’ve been back and forth from Tokyo and Shonan area.
One of the reasons that I had a hectic week was due to the national holiday of celebrating the Emperor’s birthday a week ago Tuesday. At the end of the month, banks get busy and not only that, 3 days ago on Sunday, Mizuho bank had a big downfall of their network.

Wednesday on the 24th, I was at Makuhar Messe in Chiba.
I took the train once again to make some business connection as usual.

Manicipality and Public Welfare Week 2021

But before all this, I was at the foreign press club again for the morning session of climate change issue.
This is one of the issues which I’ve been working on for the past year, which we call it the “Asa-Kai” the morning business session, which we are trying to get as many non-journalists and journalists as well for them to be aware that the Club is there for business affairs as well.

Deep Dive business series on Feb.24th, 2021

One of the major issues which the Japanese have is the pronounciation of the words and the way of speaking with tones AND the presentation method using PowerPoint as well as debating.
Japanese are not taught at any level and they suck. Can’t understand what they are saying.
No matter how important of a subject they are talking about, college professors are terrible speakers.
They should start at grade 1 regarding this matter.

On the evening of 25th, I was at the Club again for an event called the “Book Break” hosted by the library committee. The author comes and explains the book and their life situations, why they wrote the book, how to enjoy and what to make out of it.

Yu Miri (center)

This fictional book is about the past Tokyo Olympics (circa 1964) and the worker came from Fukushima for construction in 1963 and ended up homeless and died.
But the story doesn’t end here. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics caused a same issue, recruiting construction workers all over Japan and hijacking many from the Fukushima disaster relief construction.
The point of the issue was “Who is the Olympics for?”

I had to go back to the Club again on Friday to talk with the staff on the IT issues.
This was more than serious issue.

On the weekend, I’ve been back and forth again.
And this week, I’m still running.
Tomorrow, I’ll head over to Tokyo Big Sight South Exhibiton hall for the Energy issue tradeshow.