20210222 Nyan Nyan Nyan Cat Day

2 is pronounced as “ni” in Japanese.
“Ni” refers to “Nyan”, which is an equivalent of “meow” in English.
2/22, February 22, is a cat day for the cat lovers.

Cat goods of Kaldi Coffee store

We cat lovers will go for anything that enthuse us regarding cats.
Cats are great marketers in Japan.

If you check on the instagram today, you’ll find many cats being posted.

Why do people love cats?
Cats cannot be tamed that easily.
They don’t wag their tail when happy.
They wag their tail when annoyed.
They knock off things from the table intentionally.
They do so many annoying things to humans.
But still, we love them, unless you are allergic to their hair.

Why do we get allergic reactions to cat hair nad not dogs?
There are many medical reasons and you can look it up on yourself.

waiting for the door to open

Just remember, 2/22 is a cat day!