20210221 It’s been 5 days

I’ve been procrastinating…
Actually, I couldn’t be motivated to write…
The truth is that I was too busy with many things.
From a third person’s point of view, I don’t use my time wisely.
What do I do?
Cut off people that waste my time.

Stray cat sleeping in his bed

Sleeping and waiting, making the longest night, a longest day (Ti’l Tuesday — Sleeping and Waiting)

I’ve been searching for funeral topics in PR Times which is a Japanese PR site.
I found many.
There were couple of companies I know and I’m acquainted with.
It’s smart to use a PR system.
Not too many people know and understand the importance of PR and the difference between commercials.

For a business to succeed, you need to let the audience what you are doing.
It’s not just posting on your Facebook Page or Twitter or Instagram or LinkedIn.
You need to be professional.

Yesterday, I was researching on tombstone and memorials.
I was walking around many temples and graveyards.

Burial of bones (Tree Burial) 樹木葬

I think I’m turning to stone (ELO — Turn to Stone)

Many people don’t plan on funerals.
Because death cannot be seen until you know it’s around the corner.
Sometimes, not until you are dead.
If in an accident, you don’t realize you are dead at all.

It’s not like a life insurance that matures.
It never does and you don’t realize it.

Yes, there are pre-needs.
But people don’t realize the importance of NOT the funeral, but degradation of life due to old age.
This is why you need to plan many years ahead and look over the policy each year of how your life is.
I wonder how many people do that.

Nursery (Kindergarten) in Sumida

When you start seeing double vision, beware of the grim reaper around the corner.