20210214 St. Valentine’s Day

There were couples who were wandering around Tokyo in a loving mood.

Photo by alleksana on Pexels.com


Last night, at 11:06PM (23:06 JST=14:06Z), eastern Japan shook!
Earthquake with the M7.3 (Initially 7.0) with the seismic scale of 6+ (7 is the highest in Japan) in coast of Fukushima.
It shook for a long time.

Today, in Tokyo, people seem to have forgotten what happened last night. Oh, of course 10 years ago on March 11th, 2011, when tidal wave wiped out everything, includen Fukushima #1 and #2 NPP.
We’re still clearing up that mess and it will probably take another 30 years or so.

Today, after checking if anything has fallen off the shelf in my Tokyo apartment (luckily, nothing was broken), I decided to go to Kinshicho to Japan’s largest Daiso (100 yen shop) to see what they had.
They not only sell everything for 100 yen, but they do have 200, 300, 500 yen material.
I bought many items that I could use.

From there, I walked to Tokyo SkyTree tower.

Tokyo Skytree

I decided to climb the tower.
Last time, I took a friend there and had to wait for 2 hours just to buy the tickets.
It was a hell.
Today, only a five minute wait.

Shadow of Toky Skytree (view from the highest place)

I had a little excursion in Tokyo, although we are supposed to be under a state of emergency (but not a lockdown).
I took myself to Asakusa Sensoji (Asakusa Temple) and saw a monkey show (monkey business).
The ape was very talented and I laughed all the way through the show.

He’s on stilts and jumping the wall!

Very talented monkey!

We humans have to realize that the world is not only for themselves.
There are very talented animals and until you see it very close, not only in a circus, we tend to forget that there are lives other than human that are very dependant and trusting human.