20210211 Today was a national holiday in Japan

Today was Proclamation Celebration Day 建国記念の日 in Japan and it was a national holiday.
I had many things to do starting with a zoom meeting of the foreign press club and then followed by gas inspection (leakage check) in the apartment. Tokyo Gas Company comes each year for inspection in the condominiums and apartments. If one blows, it’s kingdon come for all.

After zoom meeting, I quickly made lunch and chowed down before the gas company came since they were going to check the gass.

The book is on Introduction to Philosofy of Death by Ms. Rieko Natio, a friend of mine.

After that, I waited for my friend’s response but no answer.
Still no answer… Oh well.

I took a walk and also had to send posts.
I remembered that I had to go and replace my iPhone SE (1st edtion!) battery.
It was giving up AND I know that it lacks CPU power and some apps such as LINE and PayPay (both by Softbank) will drain the battery. These people are inept.

I headed to Marui in front of Ueno train station since it’s an under 10 minutes walk.
I knew they had a store called “iPhone Support” and they replace batteries.
The man told me I had towait for an hour and a half today since they were extremely busy.
I gave up.

I decided to go on to the other floors looking for things I need.
It was too crowded.
There was a long cue at the register so I gave up on that as well.

Hopelessly walking around, I saw a billboard sign of “5 minues battery change”.
OMG! So, I decided to give them a go on it.
The man told me the overall time will be 10 minutes or so since he need to explain the rules and guarantee.
Well, soon as I checked the rules and regulations, he took my iPhone apart and started to change the battery immediately.
I went out to a bookstore to kill time and in 10 minutes, there was a huge cue people bringing in their iPhones getting fixed.

The excellent part of today was that the job was done in 10 minutes, the cost was half of “iPhone Support” and they guy was IKEMEN, a handsome dude. That’s why there were so many ladies at the store!

All of Okachimachi’s Ameyoko Shopping Street was crowded.

crowded street of AmeYoko shopping street in between Ueno and Okachimachi train station
At least everyone’s wearing a mask

I thought that we are under state of emergency…
In 2 weeks, we’ll find out how much COVID-19 has increased (laugh).
Well, I’m one of them wandering around.
I entered Yodobashi Camera to purchase ink for my HP multifunctional printer.
Buying several sets will definitely allow me to purchase a brand new printer.
I think I should.

Got back home feeling defeated and cooked myself dinner.
After dinner, I took a YouTube video for another blog regarding funerals.

Stir fried veggies and sausage using olive oil
Stir fried veggies and sausage using olive oil