20210210 zoom meeting with a major Japanese electronics company

Last week on the 4th, I took a trip to Makuhari Messe in Chiba for AI/IoT Expo.
There, I met a major electronics company (famous for their PC until the end of 90’s) of their AI auto-negotiation system developed in their R&D center.


The company uses AI to negotiate but still, the negotiation is very rudimental and not very sophisticated.
It’s like dealing with few items at a pop-up store level and not for an industrial usage.
But still, if everybody implements in the supply-chain management, certain items on the logistics will be processed extremely fast.

Today’s zoom meeting went well.
Researchers introduced us (me and the AI company which I’m a hired consultant).
Immediately after the meeting, I thanked everyone for making the meeting happen.
It’s the proverb of “Strike the iron while it’s hot.” and need to bang on it.

Then after the meeting, I’ve been talking with 2 other VR/AR/MR supplying companies, and 2 other collaborating companies of end of life issues.

It’s been a busy day redirecting traffic and communicating with many companies.
But one thing good is that I feel accomplished by the end of the day.

People die without having to accomplish anything.
It’s not their fault or anything.
It’s basically the timing of one’s death.
Death can come in many phases and terms in life.
You never know then the grim reaper catches up on you.
I might fall down the stairs tomorrow and get killed at the train station.
Is that a morbid thinking?
I don’t think so.

Life can change and also fate can change.
It changes by people who you meet in your life.
The company which I’m being hired has a Deep Learning AI technology.
I’m trying to market that to the riches of making a clone mind of them.
May be someday, we might see our own reflection and finding out it’s not yourself.