20210209 Thought I lost my BlackBerry

In 2021, I’m still using BlackBerry.
Well, at least it’s an Android base BlackBerry and it’s Key2.

BlackBerry Key2 and it’s sibling Q20

I’m a BlackBerry fan and I felt doomed when TCL terminated the license to produce them.
The last BlackBerry made by RIM (BlackBerry) was Q20 (Classic) which ran BBOS-10.
BlackBerry was not good in keeping up with the trend but do they needed to?
It was a secure terminal which I used to just communicate and NOT play games and such.

I got on the train and realized that it’s not in my pocket!
I had it this morning but where did I put it?

I returned back and looked around…
Yes, found it under the stack of papers which I was going through this morning just before leaving the house.
What a day to start off. I cancelled all the meeting and let it go.

Well, there are days that you’re just supposed to stay home and do your work quietly.
So, when my son was out of the house, I decided to change the WiFi Router.
From tp-link to Elecom.

I battled with the router.
I’m supposed to be an expert.
But the problem with these are that I don’t use the way the manufacture wants you to use.
I hate default setting.

The major problem with this or actually just about ALL Japanese routers are that password need to be 8 to 64 characters long in 1 word. Therefore, you cannot use multiple words and phrases for higher security.
“Space” is NOT ALLOWED. Even for SSID. Get real people!

Until using tp-link Deco series, I was using Apple AirMac (Airport) Extreme.
There were times that the throughput dropped.
So, I decided to replace them with tp-link mesh-wifi router.

Recently, my wife was complaining that it halts…
I experienced that couple of days ago and I realized what she was saying.
That’s why I went out buying this Elecom router.

The reason the packet stops is due to slow DNS query.
There are many WiFi signals around the house.
Yes, I have another WiFi set up at home as well.
Interference and traffic amount.
I probably have to replace another router that’s getting in the way.

So, back to the old drawing board and still using tp-link WiFi5 mesh router.
I think I’ll replace them with a higher product.