20210207 My heading is unknown

Today, I had a time to rethink of many things.
Many… Yeah…
The only regret that I have is that nothing got done.

In life, you just can’t sit and think.
You need to be active or activate an event.
This is how you get things done.

Thinking does not get you anywhere.
It’s the action that follows.

Today’s Lunch

While at home, I don’t cook.
There’s a reason.
This stops me from being active.

There are no cooking utensils including pots and pans at home.
I have them all in Tokyo.
So, I go to the convenient store nearby and purchase something that I can just microwave.
This is not good.
It makes your mind blurred.
One of the reasons I don’t like coming back home.

The only creativity that I have is “how to create a decent meal out of a convenient food ingredients.”
I do have a YouTube describing such.

Roger’s Cooking

Today should have been a busy day but I took a rest.
But still, I posted 2 videos on YouTube.
I still need to work on many issues.
Tomorrow starts a new day.
I have a zoom meeting with a nuclear power plant manufacture.
Nothing has come up yet with these people.
Sooner or later, I’ll just quit everything.

May be my life.
This is why, I’m writing this blog.