20210204 AI/IoT Expo in Makuhari Messe

Today, I took a trip on a train to Chiba’s exhibition center called “Makuhari Messe”.
It’s been a while since I took the train to the place. I usually drive for convenience, although it’s more costly.

Makuhari Messe

I was with a company that I’m hired as an advisor.
I was there at just before 10AM. It took close to 80 minutes door-to-door.
That’s almost the same time driving from home (usually about 90 minutes).

The tradeshow itself was very empty.
Some of the companies I visited were the same as 2 weeks ago in Tokyo Big Sight.
But still, I had to make the best out of the cards which were dealed to me.

Artificial Intelligence can be used for many things.
People tend to think of robots and deep learning, mimicing humans but that’s not all.
It can detect errors in manufactured goods (a part of deep learning), translations, and of course, natural language and response.

Driving Simulator

Of course, autonomous driving as well but this booth was presenting a simple “driver’s seat” that rocks!

5 years ago, I was helping design the flight simulator.
One of the problems of ANY flight simulator is the gravity and G force.
You simply don’t feel it even the seat goes up and down, left and right.
This is why it’s very hard to really get the hang of it inside the real cockpit.

AI cannot correct or replenish the situation, but at least it can show you the angle and the warped view during the rise and fall. In this case, instead of having 3 or 5 or 7 surrounding monitors, it would be cheaper using a VR goggle.

Adjacent to these, there were municipal organized booth.to promote different parts of Japan.
Some were canceled to to COVID-19.
People simply were too nervous and afraid of coming to Tokyo and I don’t blame them.

Tokyo’s Ohta Ward (district) promoted booths

So, out of all the trouble getting there, what did I gain?
There was a company that uses AI to translate industrial documents.
There was a company that developed a physical random generator chip like the one I’m marketing for Quantaglion.
The usual random number generator is using Von Neuman’s calculations and could be hacked when quantum computers can be used by anyone. There goes your password!

The long day is now over and I’ll be heading to another tradeshow tomorrow.

What I understand is that I need an ultra light PC/Mac or an Android tablet with a keyboard to do my work while travelling.