20210203 New Year “Spring has come”

Today is the fist day of Japanese 24 division season calendar.
It’s called “Risshun”, the literal meaning of Standing Spring, meaning Spring has sprung (com).

Post Box that erect at Tokyo station.

This is a picture of post box (mailbox) that’s standing like a spring at JR Tokyo station in Marunouchi Minami (south) exit, next to the stamp rally table.

Busy all day.
First, I had to sort out the problem of my network problem and contacted the managing companies.
I was getting 0.24Mbps and this is uncalled for.
I could not get anything done last night.
Yesterday was a bad day for me.
Today, a little bit better but not much.
Let’s see how tomorrow will end up.

In this bad situation, I was able to complete a zoom meeting.
After that, I was waiting for my friend to arrive.
I sponsor couple of her radio shows and she came to greet me for the new years.
She was wondering why my evaluation of her other partner of one of the radioshow was so low but after couple of incidences, she realized that I had a damn right reason.

We went out for a dinner at 6PM since most of the restaurants close at 8PM due to curfew.
One good thing about this is that we get things done quickly and of course, no alcohol.
But the dinner was extremely good.

Lamb chops!

We usually eat at NOHGA Hotel since the quality of food is excellent.
If you are in Akihabara and need a quiet place to eat with elegance, I suggest this place.