20210202 Today is the “end of the year”

In Japan, we have the old calendar (something like the lunar calendar) and we go by “koyomi” whichi is the “season”. There is the 24 divisions of the year and of course, there are the equinox and summer and winter solstice.

Today was the last day of the year and usually, it’s February 3rd where we wish the following year to be a happy and fruitful one. But today, after 124 years, is on February 2nd.
This is because of solar minute adjustments.

Tomorrow is like the Chinese new year day which they go by lunar calendar but Japanese don’t.
We call it “Risshun” = “立春” literal meaning “Standing Spring” means “Spring has come”, which means a new year.

I had to go to the foreign press club today for a meeting.
I thought that the bar room was open before 11AM (meaning, we can enter but no service).
This was what I was told last week by the staff but everyone was wrong.
Luckily, I only had to wait for 30 minutes for the gates to open.
I just sat on the chair at the hall and read some of the magazines that I had about PR.

Bronze statue of Michael Leitch (Captain of Japanese Rugby Team)

Don’t worry, I wasn’t sitting cold outside.
But still I had to wait…

Today, according to 4 pillars of destinty, which go by the Japanese old calendar, for me it was a “wasteful day”.
Yes, it was and luck was down from the beginning but it’s telling me to save my energy and don’t be irritated.
The worst is yet to come (laugh) but that day will be in 2 days (“Frustration Day”).
The day changes at 11PM in the 4 pillars of destiny.
I can explain more but I won’t since I don’t have the time right now. (It’s already 23:40).

Well, I’m going to post this before the day (midnight) changes!
Adios Amigos!