20210201 Starting a New Month

February, starting a clean slate.
What did I do?
This morning, I had to wait all long for courier service to bring me my ordered item.
They came at 11:30…
The problem of the morning delivery is that it’s from 9AM to 12PM.
They were on time but you lose your morning going out on the errands.

After that, I had to go to the bank and check the balance of my account as well as payments.
Then I decided to go and purchase new pair of slacks to wear.
Also, I realized that button on my Uniqlo slacks were breaking apart.
I had to buy buttons for them.

For lunch, I decided to have it at Chigasaki station’s Luska department store.
I decided to have a “Donburi” (rice bowl) of chicken.

I’ve learned how to make “Oyako-Don”

Making an Oyako-Don is not hard at all.
All you need is the right cooking pan.
Before that, you definitely need the ingredients and basic knowledge of cooking.

Oyako-Don’s main ingredient is the chicken.
If the chicken is bad, the whole meal is a disaster.
Today, my chicken was bit chewy.
I kind of expected that but not as much as this one.

Next time, I’ll make my own at home.