20210131 End of January

Yes, it’s the end of January.
Tomorrow starts a new month, a short month of February.
What does that mean?
It’s not the end of life but it’ll be a new start tomorrow.

When the month changes, the subscription changes on the cell phone.
Amount of packets you have used will return to clean slate.

Currently, I’m under 50GB (Softbank) and 20BGB (KDDI).
I have tethering option set on KDDI.
These people should NOT be charging for tethering since MVNO offers it for free.

Yesterday, I had a very upsetting day and needed to cool my head off and went for a walk.
I walked about a mile one way and back.
Visited a “parlor” or “space” called “Jiyucho” meaning “Unristricted” or “Free” “space” or “block”.
“Jiyu” meaning free as in freelancer and not free of charge.
“Cho” meaning area, space, block as in first block, second block in town.

自由丁 Kuramae 4-11-2

I follow this place on Instagram


You write yourself a letter and send it.
It’ll be delivered a year later.
It’s like an “Ending Notebook” where you think how the end of life should be and how you want it after you die.
But it’s not as heavy as that but still, a very good idea to vision the future and current.
If I can have a work session, I would love to hold a session in various places.

You can use it as a co-working space as well.
That’s how free-mind they are.
If you are around Kuramae area in Taito-Ku, please take a look.