20210130 Company Advisor

Just realized that I forgot to post yesterday.
That stops the record (although I’m not competing against anything).

I’ve been hired to be one of the advisor to a company that I market for.
Congrats to myself.
I haven’t yet send back the contract since I need to print it out.
I always print out these since it’s much easier to scruitinize.

Okachimachi Panda Open Space

I’m still trying to market 2 other materials.
The first is the natural atomic decay random number generator chip, and the other, finding a sales lead on the atomic energy company.

There are three more companies that I’m trying to market.
One is the memorial site for the deceased, the other is a company that does the virtual (online) mourning at the graveyard, the other is funeral company that uses AI to negotiate.
All three companies are connected to the AI company that just officially hired me as the company advisor.

Wada Family Grave Yard