20210128 All Quiet on the Eastern Front

It’s been a week I came back to Tokyo.
While I was out, the internet infrastructure of the condominium was updated.
I complained about 3 months ago since I wasn’t getting any throughput at all.
Well, they changed the provider but made it worse.
I’m getting 0.5Mbps download speed…

0.35Mbps D/L speed

Yes, I did complain and if it doesn’t get any better, I’m leaving Tokyo.
I don’t care whatever anyone says, this is my life.

For the past few days, I’ve been busy (as usual) with my life (everyone is).
My everyday choirs were strangling me and I needed to get out and get productive.

I’m not sure how many people have realized that there is a crux in the numbers of number of COVID-19 patients in Japan.
The health center has stopped tracking those of close contact people in Tokyo and Kanagawa and stopped compulsory PCR tests. This means, number of contracted COVID-19 patients are not shown. Not that it’s always true since many don’t even go and get tested.


I must say “C’est la vie” to the situation.
The only person that can save you is yourself.

It’s time to think of your own funeral.
I wonder how many people (young and old) ever thought of their own funeral?
In Japan, people don’t die, thus creating other social problems.
People cannot face death, even they are 90 years old.
They (family included) think that everyone lives forever.

It’s sad that they cannot understand that life ends somewhere.
Especially the old age who are cannibalizing the young generation with everything.
If life expectancy was about 65, I would really have to think what I want to do with rest of my 10 years of life.
BTW, I’ll be 55 this year.
This was the age when the governent pension and system were set to.
Now, people are live over 80 and the budget has run out.

For those reading this, ask yourself, do I (you) want to have your diapers changed by your son or even care-taker?
In Japan, you can’t easily kill yourself especially when you are old aged.

Let’s have funerals while you are alive and enjoy who shows up!