20210126 End of Life of the Boiler

Oh my…
Last night, when my wife was filling the tub, an error came up in the monitor.
I checked the error number inthe manual but nothing was there.
So, I just pressed the reset button and let it go for that night.

This morning, my wife notified me that there is no hot water.
Uh oh… Yes, we’re in trouble.
Here comes the beginning of the failing system.

Enoshima from Chigasaki’s beach

We’ve been living here about 13 years.
I know there’s an end of life of everything.
Even that is not alive.
Cars, watches, computers, furniture, etc.
Just a couple of days ago, we had the pipe cleaned in the kitchen using high pressure cleaning system.
Sink was clogging and I knew that grease and things were thinning the inner walls of the pipe.

We were just in the nick of a time.
If we waited for another month, there would have been a disaster of overflow in the sink.

Well, one problem after another.
Here comes the “Eco-Cute” boiler that’s for all electric housing.
We’ve had trouble many years ago since then.
A year and a half ago, we had a massive fixing.
This time, the thermostat of the boiler broke and water was boiling inside.
The safety valve released the hot air and water was dripping all night long.
I hate to see the electric bill next month…

So, I’ve decided to have that replaced and the maintenance company has already quoted and will go on for signing the contract on Thursday morning.
It’ll cost us 490,000 yen + tax, which will be about $5,000 USD.

The next in line is the A/C.
I know that the building air condition system needs replacment as well.
This will cost another God knows how much…
The outdoor unit is also at the end of life.
Need to contact the builders then to the manufactures, then to the maintenance company.

My question is, do you want to buy a house and pay property tax and maintenance fee for the rest of your life?

I wish to live in many places.
I don’t like living in one spot.
I’m like a nomad and I’m a traveller.
I’d rather have a camping car and live out.
That camping car would be my base but in Japan, in order to have one, you need a fixed address so the government can send you tax for owning a car.

What is ownership?
What is inheritance, with the inheritance tax is so high in Japan?
Do you want to keep on living here?
The social security system is no longer working and at the end, we won’t be getting anything.

Paying taxes for keeping the infrustructure such as roads, sewage, water, electricity and so (utility bills) are inevitable, but for others, we’re paying for services that we will never get.

To live happily, CoO (Cost of Ownershp) should be thought of.
But if you don’t own, how and where would you live after retirement?
Government will not supply you with the housing.