20210124 Lunch at Ohtoya, after TOB

Yesterday, I wanted go to the supply store such as the Home Depot, a DIY project to build a face guard screen, or actually a transparent wall for my recording studio.
But the weather was bad and I knew the roads were congested where I have to take.
So, I decided to go first thing in the morning today.

I looked around and search for all possibilities.
No luck.
Parts were too expensive or I could not process (cut and drill) with tools I had.
So, I will head for 100 yen shop called Daiso tomorrow to match my needs.

Why Daiso?
Daiso is a one coin store (before taxes) that sells many items.
Things like book stands that cost over 300 yen at some department store will only cost you 100 yen.
Now, that’s the difference.

So, I decided to give up and have lunch.
I went into the restaurant called “Otoya” or “Ohtoya” which is a chain store and was recently under many investors line of fire with TOB. But this has nothing with me. I just wanted a mediocre lunch for the price.

Sweet Sour Chicken lunch

Ohtoya is shifting towards better and faster service.
Before TOB, their style of working was very inefficient and was not able to meet demands of customers.
They were slow and people had to wait and stay for a long time.
Although not a fast food chain, during lunch, restaurants want to keep the circulation of customers.
Higher the circulation, higher the income and profit.

If you have ever visited some of the Japanese Izakaya restaurant chains, you order using a tablet.
Ohtoya has changed their menu ordering system.
It’s efficient and you get to choose.

Tablet menu ordering system

One thing good about this is that you get to upgrade your meal.
The default was “4 chicken pieces” but for a 100 yen more, you have a choice of 6.
You can even add more, I think…
Then you can purchase other toppings and it goes on.

The waiter/waitress don’t have to ask you everything.
Their job is to clean the table and bring you the food, and take your payment.
Simple as that.
That leaves a lot of stress and work load from the staff.

Although preparation of food was a bit slower than I expected, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes won’t matter to me. It’s not life and death where I will be getting hit by a bomb.

At the end, I looked over.
I found the take out menu.

Acrylic board presenting take out menu

Hey! What do you know!
Just the size and a thing I was looking for for the “spit guard”.
This serves as not only a spit guard, but also a screen for placing ads, and also a voice wall.
I know where they sell this in Tokyo warehouse district and it’s a walking distance of where I live.

It’s a cold day and please take care everyone.