20210123 Accident in Zoom recording

Nowadays, many events are held using Zoom and Teams and Meet.
For the quality of recording and ease of use, I prefer Zoom but Teams is great if more people are aware of how to use it. As for Google Meet, everything sucks.

Last night, I was one of the moderators of a regular monthly meeting of Funeral Culture Studies of Japan, which is the only academic society that research in funerals in Japan, where I’m also one of the managing directors.
I take minutes, record meetings, act as a gatekeeper for online events, and sometimes even act as MC simultaneously. Yes, I’m very busy during that session.

Last night, I had a bad feeling something might go wrong.
Usually, in regular meetings, I hook up a screen capturing device on my Mac and stealthly take the video.
I started up my machine but decided not to use that but just rely on Zoom’s recrding feature.
Damn! This was my bad.

screenshot of before the meeting

At the end of the session, usually, it asks the recorded session where do I want to save the file, but it didn’t.
Not only that, usually, a folder is created on the harddrive but yesterday, there were none.
I had a hunch something isn’t working properly so I stayed until the very end and discuss with the chairman.

My gutt feeling was correct…

What I did was to call up the chairman and see if we can salvage the data.
There was nothing on my side and I was hoping there would be something on the chairman’s drive.
After struggling for an hour, we found out that it was still recording even after the session has ended.
Then about an hour later (2 hours now), we found the recorded data (1.5GB!).

I must say zoom did something wrong and screwed up our system.

Word to the wise, if you are recording on zoom, DON’T TRUST.
Make yourself your own screen capturing system.

This is what I use bought in Amazon.


This is my review on YouTube:

Have a Happy Weekend!