20210122 Theory and Instructions

There is a difference of knowing and capable of doing.
Imagine teaching a child how to swim.
Do you tell the child how to crawl, keep the chin up, swing the arms around, flutter the feet?
Yes, you can.



What’s important for the child is to stay afloat.
You need to teach how to keep a float before anything.

It’s same as riding a bicycle too.
But once they learn, they can update on better method.

Same as life and meeting the end of life.
You can teach how to meet your end of life but they will never understand until they encounter the situation by themselves.
One way of understanding is visiting a funeral but who’s funeral?
Usually, services are closed to the immediate family, relatives, and acquaintances.
You can’t just walk into a funeral parlor and attend “someone’s” funeral.
Even if you are able to, such as a funeral for a public figure, you and that person are not bonded closely so there’s not much of correlation within you to recognize the importance.

Knowing the theory is only half of the battle.
Action is important but how to make action is the first step of keeping afloat.

Next time you see a funeral of anyone, think about your love ones and people you care.
We are all mortals and life will end somewhere and sometime.
It’s important to be able to react and be ready for funeral and after funerals.