20210121 What is your story?

I talk to many people and also view different ways of life.
We all have a different way of thinking and way of life.
There’s no ONE correct answer in life.
This is why I’m asking “What is your story?”, your life story?

Okachimachi Panda Park

Ever thought how your life ends?
I always do.
I’m not morbit but it’s in my line of duty.

See the pigeons that’s flying around.
Do they know their end of life?
I don’t think so.
They life day by day on instincts and don’t have the capacity of knowing life and death (bird brain?).
But they know their predators, such as crows and hawks.

But for humans, we don’t have such things.
Our predators are usually your peers and your friends, and sometimes your family.
You have to watch your back if you want ot succeed.

So, what do you do?
Your life is your own and not your parents, nor your relatives.
You have to decide what you want to do and how you want your eulogy to be.
You might just drop dead now (very unlikely) or you might be hit by a lightening (less likely) or die from COVID-19 (death rate is less than 1.6% in the USA and under 1.4% in Japan) so also highly unlikely.

In any case, you are your own boss of life.
What you do will reflect in your memory and will be part of you.
People you meet will change your life.
People who you don’t meet will not affect you.
What matters is who you meet and how you feel.

Tokyo Akihabara Mansei Bridge

Your life is like a stream of water that’s running until it meets the end.
Water will keep flowing from high point to low.
But your life is gushing and goes up and down, not only from high to low.
You blood stream is always running inside your body, defying gravity.
You meet people, and people meet you despite what you think of it, like defying gravity.

Your luck and fate changes by whom you meet.
But at the end, you reach the end of your journey, your destiny catches up on you.

You should live the way you want and not be told by others who you should live.
But you have to be aware that you cannot live along in the modern world unless, you become a hermit of life and live alone without anything.

Let’s be honest to your own heart and listen to what your soul is messaging you.
I have seen so many discouraging end of life where family regretted their loved ones at time of death.
Now, we hve to stay put but if you can move, why not?
To me, other countries imposing strict rules is ridiculous.
Sure, the government want you NOT to move around and spread the virus.
How do you know you are spreading or NOT spreading?
You might die from falling down the stairs at any moment.

Make your own story of life and tell.
Don’t waste your time listening to annoying comments.
You’re wasting you time listening to them.
Most will forget what they told you.
Go ahead and run your own life.