20210120 Industry Trade Expo

As I wrote Tokyo is NOT resting and the epidemic of COVID-19 is increasing.
“But so what?” is the general concensus.
I, myself, isn’t so paranoid for a simple reason.
You just stay away from people, wash your hands, use alcohol spray, and don’t share food with others.

I left to Tokyo Big Sight (exhibition hall) in Aomi (adjacent to Tokyo Teleport station) just before 9AM and reached at 9:40AM.
I’m not sure if that was the quickest way of arriving but it was the least change in train, although the walk at Oimachi station is horrible.
While commuting, I received an email from my client sayint that they will be late.
That’s on problem.
It allows me to research at the exhibition hall before they arrive.


Smart Factory Expo 2021

My job today was to chaperone my client and introduce to companies they might be intersted in.
One question arises when people meet me.
“What is my job?”
The answer is “I’m a marketing consultant.”

Consultants can oversee many industries.
It’s because they are “business consultants” and not a simple “market” consultant.
I’m making a difference stating “market” consultant which is only a consultant for a single industry.
That makes me a “jack of all trade and master of none”, but still, I can guide people.

Inside one of the exhibition halls

Today, I was searching for a sales lead for the companies I work with.
One company has developed AI and avatar for communication.
One company has developed a security chip using atomic decay.
One company wanted to sell rare metals.

Well, I think I found solutions for all three companies but I have to work on it.
One of the reason is the Japanese manufacturing industry.
It’s very parochial and people are very skeptical.
Many companies have NOT recovered from 30 years damage (Japanese conservative mentality that’s hindering)

At the end of last year, I was corresponding with another Japanese company.
They were very parochial and the company was very verticle (meaning no lateral thinking).
I was talking to a different divition of that company at a different hall today.
They understood what I meant.
I had to give up on that business matter.

But when I was walking around a different hall, I saw the division which I was corresponding to.
Let’s just call this “Company A”.
I also found the product which I was negotiationg and even the person whom I was emailing with.
What a coincident!
I chatted for a while.
I understood the kind of trouble he was in since he could not market the product as well.
I can’t say which company this “Company A” is, but the product was an extremely thin ceramic based battery.

I know there are usage of this and the demand when people undestand how to apply them in their products.
This means that this “Company A” is not doing marketing properly.
It a wonderful engineering product but they just don’t know how to sell.
This is due to the size of the company.
I was turned down since the company which I was working for (one of the 3 above) was not a size of company which they wish to do business.
Actually, the parent company is a huge conglomerate and state owned company… I didn’t tell them that (laugh) since I did not want “Company A” to be intimidated.

In any case, after meeting face-to-face, we came to good terms.
I’ll be looking for the usage of the product and try to make dividends out by selling.
It’s a small world in this field.

But the only problem of today’s exhibition was that it was scattered all around and by 3PM, my feet were hurting. When I got back home, I realized that I had missed one of the halls.
I think I’ll go back tomorrow morning and get back by noon.

Odaiba Kaihin Koen Yurikamome station

On my way back, I took a different route home.
Just before entering the train station, I decided to enjoy the way home and explore.
Yes, I like to explore.
I walked across the highway (there is a walkway) and caught a self-driving train “Yurikamome” and changed at Shimbashi.
I found out this was the quickest and the cheapest way to Aomi Exhibtion hall!
From the next time, I’m taking that route!

I hope you all have a safe days and enjoy the visit of the tradeshow.