20210116 Where are you right now?

It’s been a long time since I went out with my wife for a drink.
At the bar, I met many people. Some I knew, some I don’t.
Some are old friends that I haven’t seen.

When it comes to the time of funeral, you have to understand your identity.
Bt the time you understand, do your relatives know who you are?

Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

We are all mortals.
We cannot live forever, although we wish to be.

The reason why human beings strive to their best is that we know that sometime in life, it will all be the end of everything.
Is this the correct way of thinking?

I’ve been in the death industry ever since I was born.
I never had any issues of handling the deceased.
I’ve pulled out people under the train (bits and pieces), out of ocean with barncles all around, out of tub, half melted; but never had issues of being afraid (I should be with the virus and bacteria).

At ZanCN

Where are we headed for under this corona virus attack?
Would life ever become back to normal or would this be the new normal?
The issue we are facing now is that no one has ever faced this situation.
I have many friends who have contracted COVID-19 (and recovered).
Luckily, in around greater Tokyo area, no one blames on each other but just gives condolences and grief.
Whe you are in the outcast of big cities, what we called “Inaka”, the rural, you become the victim of hostile villagers. They will attack you and your family, as well as your work.

The parochial mind creates havoc.
Let’s not be that way.