20210115 Walking towards death

Today, I had a chance to visit and talk to a friend who caught COVID-19 (and recovered).
Starting this year, I have many acquaintances that have been plagued with the disease.
I just hope that they recover as soon as possible and return to work.

At the Chigasaki beach where there is the “T-Bar”

She (my friend) realized that she caught the virus when she lost her sense of smell.
The health center gave her the oximeter to monitor her blood oxygen level.
Lucky for her she got one of those. For some cities, they don’t give that out.

She was monitoring and it was OK until suddenly dropped to 94%. Until then, it was 98%.
94% might not seem that low but for human, if you go under that level, you’re nearly dead.
I have a friend with asthma and he monitors his oxygen level and he posts 86%…
Yes, he should be dead by now. The one he has is made in China and is very inaccurate.
Cheap ones you can buy from Amazon, don’t trust. It’s a waste of money.

The health center called up my friend after reporting that result but about 5 hours later, they called her up.
She could have been dead by that time…
She told me that it was past 10:30PM at night. She was asleep (not dead yet).

The system is broken and there’s nothing we can do.
They (municipality) cannot keep track of everyone with the virus anymore.
We have to take care of ourselves and probably die if anything happens.

Last week I read a post on the Facebook.
I think I shared it but I couldn’t find it (the doctor who shared it must have taken it down).
He wrote that having infected by COVID-19 is probably a pleasant way of dying compared to cancer.
In Japan, palliative care exist but it seems that people wish to suffer and endure more but with COVID-19, you just faint and die quietly, he wrote.

I realized that I should keep all necessary info on a USB memory chip and write all the cloud agreements and services that I contract, such as Adobe, Evernote, SoundCloud, rents, utility bills, and even bank accounts and credit cards.
When I die, it would be easier for my son and wife to shut down all the services I use, including this WordPress.

I should get going on doing this.