20210114 Share Passion and Believe

Yesterday, I came across on a name.
This gentleman’s name is Mr. Simon Sinek.
You can google him up.

I first came familiar with his name in NFDA 2020 on-line expo.
Until then, I did not know who he was. My bad and ignorance.
And to be very honest, I did NOT know how big of an influencer and an orator until last night.

I was browsing through the internet couple of days ago and someone on their self-introduction wrote: “I’m not a successor yet and I want to be like Simon Sinek.”

I’ve been following Mr. Sinek since I listened to his speech on NFDA 2020 Expo commencement speech as a guest speaker on LinkedIn. Until yesterday, I thought he was just one of an author of some kind of self-enlightenment book like the “Dianetics” by L. Ron Hubbard written in 1950, and started to break out again in the 70’s, in the USA.

Share your passion with others

I’ve been giving advice and consulting to people who are struggling to market their products.
Have any of these people realized how Apple sells iPhones at a high price, that’s subordinate specs than many of Android cheaper smartphones?

It’s the passion and the story behind it that gets the message across.
It’s selling experiences that you can have by owning an iPhone and not an Android phone.

This is what Mr. Simon Sinek is teaching across the USA.
To sell and market your product, you must give passion and tell everyone your belief.
For those who synchronize, they will listen to you.

You need to work from the inside and go out.
Inside is your belief of why you are trying to sell your product like Apple is telling you that you can have a wonderful experience owning an iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac.
Then you have to tell the people how it can improve your business.
This is called the benefit.
You tell the people, without your product, you’ll be missing out a lot of things in life.

Apple does this by telling you that by using their product, you get your job done much quicker than using a Windows machine that keeps on hanging up or all of sudden slowing down, or even telling you that you have to work on multiple platforms to get one job done instead of just using never changing Apple UI.
Yes, we’ve all had bad experiences of Windows XP to Vista to 7 to 8, then back to 8.1 (9) then 10.
Think about it that when you had to go from 95 to 98, 98SE, ME, then a leap to NT, 2000.
Worse comes worst, 10 is still evolving and confusing the hell out of many people.

Then, the final stage.
You tell them that your product is very good.
Apple tells them their iPhones and Macs ARE EVOLVING but the user interface never changes and it’s great, thus creating great user experience.