20210113 Reform of Death

I’ve decided to write the blog in English since I wish to gain more English speaking readers.
I’ll also post regularly in Japanese as well on minor issues but regarding “End of My Life”, I’ll post more in English so please bear with me.

I’ve been posting many on funerals and death on other platforms.
The issue of “Reform of Death” is a way of thinking and changing paradigm to the next level to how you wish your (my) end of life to be by knowing who you are and what you want to do in your life and live happily.
There is no correct answer nor a wrong answer, but there are myriad of answers, all different from each other.

Family Grave

This is a photo of my family grave in Fujisawa’s Ohba Cemetery.
This municipal facility also has a city run funeral hall that’s rented out.

In this graveyard, under the tombstone, lies 3 urns.
My grandfather, my grandmother, and I do not recall who the third one was (I wasn’t paying attention to the speech given out by my late uncle who was telling my ex-cousin “removed” due to divorce).

At this point, my brother is supposed to take care of the family grave but he doesn’t.
He took over the family business and he should be the heir, like my father did with this grave and not my uncle (elder brother of my father).
I’m the oldest male in the family but since my younger bro took the business, he is the heir to the grave maintenance.

This brings up the inheritance scheme.
In Japan, since graveyards are known as necessary schematics in the culture, there are no inheritance tax imposed but you cannot abandon the rights of inheritance. YOU MUST INHERIT THE GRAVE.
Ahhhh! There comes different problems due to this out of date law. This is why people just vanish.
Luckily this graveyard is run by the municipality and they can track you or someone and also get rid of this grave.
But if you have a grave at a temple, you can run and hide and abandon at the cost of temple’s budget which is a terrible thing to do.

I can talk more but I’ll hold on to it.
If you wish to learn more about Japanese funerals, please view there (my other posts).

Happy Reform!